About us

After a great deal of thought, conversation, and many long nights of informal Kava consumption, we here at Kava Dot Com made the choice to add an eCommerce Cart to our website.  We know that thousands of visitors a month come here looking for information on Kava, and we wanted to honor those visitors and the intent of this website by leaving it set up the way it has been for years.  So, instead of slapping a cart where our wealth of information has always been, we decided to add it off to the side, at shop.kava.com.

We also decided that we wanted to offer as wide a variety of Kava products as we could find, so all of our visitors could choose their favorite types and brands of Kava products.  We want to remain impartial, and can only do so by carrying every high quality Kava-related product we can find to our still-growing catalog of Kava and other healthy products such as Super Foods, Gourmet Chocolate as well as the world’s most delicious Vegan Chocolate we could find.

We then added a bunch of stuff for making Kava as well as making a Kava atmosphere in our Kava Accessories section.  We’ve got everything from extraction bags to Tiki Cups, party supplies, and everything in-between.

We’re still the same small group of passionate Kava lovers who want to spread the word of the safe “Drink of Peace” to as many as possible.  Any sales the shop manages to generate will go directly into maintaining and improving the features of Kava.com. When people ask us “Where Do We Buy Kava” from, it will take a little getting used to, telling them to stay right here and browse our online shop.

One thing we knew we wanted to do was to be a leader in the industry for safety and transparency.  We only offer Kava products that are produced in an FDA-compliant GMP Manufacturing facility.  Every one of our products comes with an FDA-compliant label that’s been vetted by our FDA-attorney.  That means you’re getting exactly what’s listed on the label, and you also know everything that goes into our growing line of uniquely potent Kava products.

Whenever possible, we source only organic products, even if the product isn’t officially certified as organic.  When our ingredients are organic, we let you know on the product label.

Every detail has been paid attention to, start to finish.

But we’re excited at seeing what it’s like to be on the retail side of this online world. Please know that we are truly here to help; as many of our long-time fans know, we answer virtually every comment that’s asked of us as honestly as we can.  We plan to take that same philosophy into eCommerce:  Tell us how we’re doing.  Tell us what needs improving.  Tell us about a new Kava product we should be carrying, or a new Kava Bar that’s opened that we need to list on the main site. Life’s an adventure; take part of it with us!

Bryan Kava