Success Stories

“Got an ‘A’ on a test when I needed it most. What more do I need to say?”


Student, University of Utah

“I’m skeptical of products that claim to do something like helping to enhance my memory.  I’ve used Gingko biloba in the past and it’s worked okay for me (with results I do notice) so I thought I’d give Cognihance a try.  Without question, both my memory as well as my retention noticeably improved. I thought that memory loss was something I just had to accept with my advancing years, but Cognihance proved otherwise.”


Retired, Florida

“How can you measure something as subjective as better memory?  Well, after I started secretly taking your product, and only after a few days of taking it, my husband asked me if I had been working on improving my memory!  I told him ‘yes’ but decided to keep Cognihance as my little secret.”

Mary Beth

Manager, For Eyes

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